Tuesday, 3 July 2007

More fun with those feathers

I outlined the feather with the curlicues as I felt whilst I liked the shapes, it didn't have enough impact. Outlining just outside the plume seems to sort this out. It might have looked even better with another colour. The fabric is a mat black not the grey it appears in the photo. The thread is very definitely a pure yellow but in photos and in life it appears green.
This has caused a problem in the next feather.

I thought it would be good to try to gently blend the colours on the fireworks feather. I used green and then yellow moving to orange then shocking pink. I think for this to have worked I would need to find a more orange yellow but you get the idea.
The threads used are Madeira Polyneons in their luminescent range (think dayglo colours) with Bottomline in the bobbin. I used a 90 Microtex needle.
I also think the stumpy bottom of the feather could do with a little more work. Perhaps a 'nib' could be drawn with thread before starting to draw the feather with thread?
Is this quilting or is it embroidery? There's a definite crossover here. I know where all those threads meet on the fireworks feather, the work is very stiff.


Judy Rys said...

Your feathers are fantastic. Love the colors.

heth said...


Your quilting is fabulous I absolutley love the colours of the feathers, on my monitor Ican see the difference between the yellow and green. You have inspired me to buy the DVD and get practicing well that is the thought at the moment! Have you thought of using Superior's Masterpiece in the top of the machine it is a nice fine thread? Heather