Friday, 6 July 2007

Quilt this far


Patsy Thompson left a comment to ' Please hurry up and make this thing and post the pictures because I can't wait to see it!!' . No pressure there then (grin). Anyway because of the premiere I didn't have to cook or anything last night so I could get on with it a bit. This is the markings I started off with. Just a line with the over and unders marked on it. It's quite feint, you'll probably have to click on it to see the lines.

And this is how it is now. I've done the feather and am about half way round echoing round the edge. I might just do echo quilting for the whole background, changing colour or not.
For the first time I used a fusible batting. It's made little spots on the fabric which I assume will wash out. I'm not a fan. I found it very hard not to get creases on the back and this quilt at the moment is only 42" square, heaven help you if you were using the whole batting in one go, it's kingsize. The quilt has softened up more as I quilt it but at the beginning it felt very stiff, almost like cardboard. I thought it would only be suitable for straight lines with a walking foot but as I say it has got better.

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