Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Which machine am I using?

I've been asked what machine and am I using a frame.

Today I'm using a Bernina Aurora 440, but I'm not using the stitch regulator. I find it too slow. Sometimes I use a Bernina 1260. I don't use any type of frame. I normally have the inner ring of a wooden 8" embroidery hoop under the quilt. (My apologies to those on BQL and Cyberquilters who have already seen these photos. ) I never push the quilt towards the needle but manipulate it by pulling gently with a thumb or a finger (or a combination thereof) in the direction I want to go. The quilt in the photo is about 48" wide so I have virtually all of it in the harp of the machine. You can see this would be the same as working in the middle of a 90" square quilt. You can also see I don't roll the quilt, I just 'puddle' it around the area I'm quilting. The hoop is not attached to the quilt in any way just underneath it.

This photo shows how it is just slid under.
On these Patsy Thompson feathers I not using a hoop because to get the organic 'feel' you need to be able to swing round each lobe in one smooth motion.

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Jane Weston said...

It's always good to read your input on machine quilting again...good pictures too!
P.S. love the indigo fabrics in that quilt...have you got a picture of the whole quilt to show...what's showing looks beautiful :o)