Thursday, 5 July 2007

Perhaps no sewing today

This is CAD 2000 (or was it 2001?). Anyway it was the first really serious quilt I made. It's 90" square and heavily quilted with trapunto in the points. CAD is Children's Aid Direct and I got involved with them after organizing quilts for the Kosovo crisis. Someone told me raffle quilts make far more money if they are bright. As you see I took this advice on board whole heartedly (grin). I had help as there was a deadline, my friend Pauline Sanderson helped with the piecing (foundation) and another friend Lyn Stalybrass prepared the trapunto for me.
Anyway the point of this post was when this quilt was at the National Show to sell tickets, Linda Seward who wrote 'The Complete Book of Patchwork, Quilting and Appliqué', made a point of seeking me out to let me know she thought it was good. I remember going into a silly mess. A great quilter and author was telling me my work was good. I got totally flustered and had verbal diarrhoea. But this encouragement gave me the will to go on and make good quilts.
The photo is not wonderful quality but it's the only one I have unless I find the CD somewhere in the depths of our garage.
BTW it raised over $8,000US (£4,000) and the money went to the children. Children's Aid Direct was taken over by another charity or I would still probably be making quilts for them.

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marion said...

You're not alone in going into gooey fact, if I remember rightly, you were there when I went into a gooey mess, year before last at Birmingham. I still haven't got over it!!