Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Patsy Thompson, webrings and design thoughts.

Sinclair's just here as I have no relevant photos for today's post. This was about ten minutes after the new sofa arrived and he took possession as only a cat can (grin)

I'm positively glowing from the lovely things Patsy Thompson has said on her blog. Thank you if you are reading this, it's very lovely to hear such things from a wonderful quilter.

In her post she suggests you cruise webrings. It has been suggested to me I should join one or two of them, but which ones? I don't seem to 'fit' in any of them I've found. All suggestions welcome.

I have a big wholecloth marked out. It has very traditional feathers and is ready to be trapuntoed but those feathers in Patsy's style are just calling out to be played with. (grin) I have given myself permission to play with these on a 40" square quilt before I start the large whole cloth. Now I could just follow the simple Amish style quilt Patsy uses in her DVD but there is this big bit of me which struggles with remaking another quilters work however lovely it might be. I need to create my own. I feel guilty (why?) enough that the major element in this quilt shall be someone else's creation. I have to make it mine. The rainbowing of the fireworks goes a small way along this route but it isn't far enough to quell the inner designer in me.

So my thoughts keep coming back to having the feathers spill out from a central point like a Prince's Feather (Oh dear my comfort zone always takes me back into the traditional). But I feel this is the one quilt where I should go asymmetrical. I'm also playing in my head with the feathers weaving under and over each other. This would mean a lot of starting and stopping as the 'over' bits of the feathers would have to be done before the 'under' ones. Clear as mud?


Ferret said...

I like the sound of weaving the feathers, and I think it would be fun to see you leap away form traditional. Depending on exactly how you do it you may not have to do extra starts and stops. If you can mark the top feathers, either really or in your head, you can fill in the under feathers with your traveling echo. It's so obvious in my head, but somehow writing it isn't so easy. Maybe that will be enough for your head to get the idea.

Patsy Thompson said...

Please hurry up and make this thing and post the pictures because I can't wait to see it!!