Sunday, 1 July 2007

Old Baltimore Blocks

On BQL there was a post about the Quilt Police in our heads.
The post referred to an old unfinished project and how she was now not happy with her work at that time. This made me remember one of my early appliqué projects. In my head the work was absolutely dreadful. The post made me out them out and re-look at them. Actually they're not too bad workmanship wise. They are not anything like Margaret Docherty's work you understand (grin) but for an early effort they aren't dire.
The fabric selections are odd. Very different greens, yucky reds which clash with each other and muddy cat foot prints but together they don't look too bad.
Now to decide what to do with them. And then when it's finished what to do with the resultant quilt.....
Perhaps some UFOs should remain just this?

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Anne Ida said...

I cannot see what you think are wrong with these! They are way, way, way better than any appliqé I've ever done!

And: no, this is not one of those UFOs that should remain a UFO! If you don't want to put in too much more work on this, I think you should stitch them together with a neutral green sashing, and add a green and red scrappy border. A simple cross hatch quilting, and it is done :o)

Best of luck and have fun!