Friday, 29 June 2007

Victorian quilt fabrics

Just thought I'd share some lovely Victorian prints with you from one of my antique quilts. Here's a quilt where she wasn't concerned about points. Some people think this adds to their charm. I love the stripe with navy, red, cream and blue and the pink is gorgeous.

Last year there was a fabulous reproduction range of turkey red out there. There are still one or two bits around. I so wish I'd ordered the minimum quantity of each but at the time I thought I didn't really want as much as a ½ yard of all of them. Now I think I don't want to pay the postage for the odd one or two left out there on the shelves.

I think I can see myself working mainly on whole cloths and medallion (framed) quilts for a while with a few smaller contemporary pieces in between. We'll see. I hate to commit to too much because then it feels more like a burden of things to be done rather than a pleasure.

I started that little miniature yesterday. See When you can't do much of Anything . Why did I think a miniature would be quick? The lobes on those little feathers are less than ¼" wide and I'm going up and down just outside each line instead of backtracking along them. I'm wondering what backgrounds to use which would be proportionate to it's tiny size. Oh well, it keeps me off the streets (grin).

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