Friday, 8 June 2007

When you can't do much of anything

Today I woke up after having 8 hours of delicious sleep. I felt great, I'd shaken the cold off and then just three hours later I was back to square one (grrrrr).
XXXXXX my XXXXXXX always says I send myself backward by doing too much as soon as I feel a little better. I'd barely done anything so bang goes his theory but to keep peace and harmony I promised to do nothing today. Well almost nothing.
I designed this little miniature wholecloth. It don't know what the definition of miniature is so maybe this doesn't qualify but it gave me something to do whilst just sitting at the kitchen table. The brown marks look terrible, I starched it and didn't wait for it to soak in. It looks worse in the photo than in real life.
It will wash out along with the markings. I find it quite hard to look at in the photo. The extra lines round the outside of the feathers confuse the eye, but when it's white thread on white fabric and texture rather than colour, it calms down. I also find it quite difficult to draw these organic feathers, my hand keeps wanting to make them even and more formal looking. There's also the thing about keeping it vaguely evenly uneven (grin).
I'm not even sure I shall ever get round to quilting it but it could be worth doing as something to play with. Perhaps over dyeing? Perhaps painting?

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Dianne said...

Me Again:)
I think its a very nice design, they look great just the way they are, I hope you do something with it, Imagine it in 2 of your favorite colors, mine would be black and gold...